<marquee> tag not working in label html any other way of scrolling text

I am trying to make app which requires label to scroll in its position but i saw marquee not working and there isn’t any other way of doing that typing effect trick also didn’t worked for me any ideas and suggestion.

Have you tried this? :point_down:


Marquee will no longer work…

The <marquee> tag has been deprecated in HTML5

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Didn’t worked as I wanted it to, tried it before using google, worlds biggest searchengine. :sunglasses:

How do you want it to work?
What is the problem that you are facing?

Just use a vertical scrolling arrangement with a label inside and set the hieght of the label bigger than the vertical arrangement. Both must have a fixed hieght.

Got what I needed using Web Viewer load html event thanks to every one for all the help.

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