Material Cardview error BAD ARGUMENT TO TYPE1 HELP ME

Hello Friends,
I am creating an app using card view extension and airtable but I get a single problem that while opening the app in mobile I AM Getting one error the error screenshot I have given below. I AM ALSO SENDING YOU THE BLOCK SECTION SCREENSHOT SO THAT YOU CAN HELP ME FASTLY

AT LAST I want to tell you that please help me.
Help me.

You must perform the data after downloading and not before

I have not understood please sir explain me how to put the block. Please sir

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Make sure this should work
I also did not try it

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Iā€™m sorry I was hasty to see the spreadsheet 5 there is some modification![)

you dint store the values in tinydb .please store thumbnail,title,subtitle,content in tiny db not in firebase

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