Material Icons behind image block


I`d like to have the possibility to put material icons as a blog everywhere an image is expected. This would save many time while creating material side menus etcetera.

Thanks in advance!


I know I’m not bilingual, but I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t understand what you mean ?

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He wants a block like materialIconAsImage.
That would do, when you use it for example as input to a set Image1.Image to, that would set the images picture to the material icon, but as an image.
Example code
[Set Image1.Image to][materialIconAsImage]["add"]
And it outputs an image with the material add icon as picture
It would be really cool, I think too.


This is ecactly what I mean :+1:

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What is the point of this though? Just upload one asset. Or use a label. It’s still using space if they add this feature.

Well I know that it still would use space. But, you don’t need to upload every asset one by one. Imagine a 100 items long listview with image.

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Saves much time because files from Google are zipped and in the working flow you may not notice that quality is set to 18p and then it looks awful and you did all the work for nothing. Labels can’t be used for as example icons in side menu. There the Creator expects an image file.

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