Math Parser Extension

com.ruwis.mathparser.aix (628.8 KB)

size reduced

This extension uses the mXparser library Version 4.4.2. Thank you Mariusz Gromada for the mXparser library.


Are you using any extensive library to get the job done? If yes, you can give a list of supported evaluations which this extension supports and parses. Or you’re doing some sort of string evaluation like in other programming languages? eg. python, javascript.

eval("18 / 6 - ( 2 - ( 5 - 2 ) + 12 / 4 ) + 4")

Legandry extension for maths

Good work!

it also accepts fractions and numbers with powers.
if yes, how to type them?

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Like this, raised in power 5^3, fraction 1/2



I think,…

that can also be done by 5 ** 3 [maybe :thinking: as also done by python,…]

Great extension

Cool Extension :smiley:

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you can proguard to reduce size

Epic extension btw :heart:

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Nice extension ! Keep it up ! :partying_face:
Even I created the same extension with 4.42 KB size and without any lib !

@UnknownBeast and @Alpha_S

i made with kotlin. Rush extension tool adding 2mb size to convert kotlin

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Yeah, If you use kotlin feature then it will add kotlin standard library & its annotations library equvalent size of 1.5MB.

which library?
please credit the library author

Why it’s a good idea to give credit by Corey Wainwright.

btw. there already exists a math extension, which uses the mXparser library my Mariusz Gromada…



Every time I make a extension to learn coding, you say that this extension already exists. It doesn’t hurt to have 2 of them. It becomes easier to find.

Size reduced -

nice eklenti

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I suggested you to credit the author of the library you used because you did not mention, which library you were using… however now we can see, that this is a copy of my already existing math extension… but it’s fine, why not having copies of already existing extensions, at least you used a newer library version…

You now mentioned the library, but you still did not credit the author…

A correct credit including link to the library looks like this

This extension uses the mXparser library Version 4.4.2. Thank you Mariusz Gromada for the mXparser library.

You might want to add that in your first post. Thank you.


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Thank u mariusz gromada thank u again! for everything! I am thankful to mariusz!

I don’t even know you have such a extension. While learning Java, I made a calculator and wanted to create this extension. Maybe you can look positive.