Mathematical characters edited in Latex not detected in pdf viewer

Hello community, I have the following inconvenience. I am a math teacher, I have documents edited in Latex with mathematical characters and tables to give support material to my students (Latex creates professional documents) but does not recognize them with the extension inApp_PDFViewer.

Is there any extension or way to view pdf files without using a third-party application.

The following image distorts the formulas and the tables of values ​​do not appear.

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Post a test aia.

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@bodymindpower For example, see page 6 and 12, compare with a viewer of a third-party app to see the differences.

PDFViewer.aia (298.9 KB)

There’s another PDF Viewer Extension from DeepHost that opens up the PDF file externally, which can also be done through activity starter, or you can use Taifun PDF Extension (Paid)


@Fabio I already tried the app App Inventor Pdf Extension but has the same problem, will temporarily use the other suggested extension of PDF Viewer Extension from DeepHost.

If there is a solution later I would like to know it.

Thank you.

@Taifun I see that we are from the same country, can you make your pdf viewer compatible with documents edited with latex?

PuraVida CR.

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please provide an example pdf file, so I can take a look…


my pdf extension uses the native Android pdf API, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about your issue… see also

in case there is an update one day, I then can update the extension…