Media Player component

Maybe you can help me with this issue. I am using the media PLAYER component to create a sound player, but I am wondering if it will be possible to add some kind of effects to this component like fade-in/fade-out, change speed, add some echo, distorsion… I have been using some javascript libraries before like pizzicato.js or howler.js in other projects, but I really do not know if we can include js libraries into Kodular projects.
Do you know if this is possible? or by chance, do you know about an extension that achieves these results? I tried to look for an extension (free or premium) but already found some outdated solutions and contacted with this one to check if there is some updated version

For sure I can use player_component.duration, player_component.current position and player_component.volume in order to do the fade-in/fade-out, but do not know how to change the speed, add some echo…

Thank you so much in advance.