MediaCamera Extension - Extension to Record Video In Custom Layout(Without any external App)[PAID]

This extension allows you to record video in custom layout without any external app
You can say it is like surface view but surface view only allows to take photo,This extension allows you to take video.
Full explanation is given below :smile:
Thanks to @chaimk for Sponsoring this extension


CameraPreviewStarted- This event is fired when the preview is started showing in the layout

CameraPreviewStopped- This event is fired when the preview is stopped showing in the layout

ErrorOccured- This event is fired when any type of error occurs

RecordingPaused- This event is fired when the recording is successfully paused

RecordingResumed- This event is fired when the recording is successfully resumed

VideoRecorded- This event is fired when video is successfully recorded with video path

InitializeCamera- This block starts camera preview in the arrangement you give

IsCameraAvailable - This block return true if current device have camera

PauseRecording - This block pauses the recording

ResumeRecording - This block resumes the recording

StartRecording - This block Starts the recording with location,name and quality you give.

StartRecording2 - This block Start the recording with random name and quality which is set with property

StopCamera - This block Stops the camera preview in the layout.

StopRecording - This block Stops the recording.

Back - Property to set true or false that camera should be front or back.

Quality - Block to set the quality required in StartRecording2 Block

SetCameraOrientation - Property to set camera angle.

PinchZoom - Property to enable zoom by pinch

SetZoomLevel - Set Zoom Level of camera

SetFlashlightModeOn - Enable FlashLight

SetFlashlightModeOff- Turn off FlashLight

GetZoomLevel - Get current zoom level

GetMaxZoom - Get max zoom level

CapturePhoto - Capturephoto

ZoomChanged - Fires when zoom level is changed by pinch


PayPal - 12.5 USD
PayTM - 700 INR


Awesome contribution. :golfing_man:

where i can find a demo and a download?

thanks Peter

Welcome @Ja_Ja

You can PM @Atom_Developer, but as you are new you can’t. So wait after seeing this message, he may PM you.

can you provide a test apk? thanks in advanced.

PM him for test apk.

Nice extension. @Atom_Developer can a photo be taking while recording?

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You are always doing great :heart:

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Yeah, it’s possible.

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Is it possible to set the recording of the video to a maximum of one minute and at the end it saves the video in the indicated path?

first of all to stop it in a particular time you can use clock and i think when recorded event is triggered i returns path of video so you can use the file component to change its path
hope it helps @verbatim814

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As said, it’s possible by the clock.
And in this extension you also get the option to set custom path.

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Hello Atom,
I tried to take a picture while recording and I did not succeeded. Can you please show my mistake.


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Could you tell what’s in the TinyDB? Or maybe set in label what’s there?

There is nothing. I just need a tiny to use this information on an other screen.

By the way, with the following code, it does not work either. The programm crashes.


A valid path should be there

Send me the AIA file in Personal Message related to these blocks.