Menu below the keyboard

Guys, I hope you are well.
Well, how can I make my keyboard overlay my “menu”?

I tried to make the “menu” invisible when the keyboard is called, but there is a small delay when the keyboard is closed. Which path should I follow to accomplish what I am wanting?

In the video below, as you can see, there is the example without the blocks and with blocks after half of the video.



What is happening if you use without true or false block.?

If get is keyboard visible
Then, Set hori visible to false
Else, set hori visible to true

Oh, I was repeating things using either true or false.
However, there is still this delay.


I think it is working normally. If you touch the text box keyboard is enabled so menu hidden. If keyboard hidden mean menu is visible

Below the keyboard, I don’t think , it is possible

Yes, it runs as you say. However, when the keyboard is closed, the “menu” is visible out of position (in the middle of the screen, above the keyboard).

I imagine there is another way to do this. Maybe fix the “menu” at the bottom of the screen and make the keyboard overlap !?

I think you can try bottom sheet,

Bottom sheet?

I don’t know if I understood it very well, but I found an overlapping extension and I’m trying to work on it.

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I think I have “solved” that problem.

The “menu” is in a Horizontal Arrangement. So, I changed the height of the Arrangement to 0 when the keyboard is shown and went back to the value that I had previously set when the keyboard is hidden.

Unfortunately, because I was clicking on the search within the listview, I was unable to hide the “menu” before opening the keyboard. This causes a small animation when it appears.
But, it seems that it served better than changing the visibility.
(I wonder why changing visibility has a longer delay than changing size)




Another way I used, was to add a timer to solve. Apparently, the simple fact of using the 1ms interval, does not cause this delay.

  • Timer