Mercado Pago Payment Extension Without Hosting => Boleto, Card, Debit, Pix and others

Payment Extension Using Paid Marketplace API Without Hosting

To access the api documentation go to this site
Click here

Download the aia file to see how each function works

This is my first extension i hope you like it i accept donations so it can be helping me in my studies

Let’s start with the explanation of the extension

Get Payment Methods

See all available payment methods and get a list with the details of each one and their properties.
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Get Document Types

See all types of documents available by country and get a list with the identification and details of each one.

List Of Your Item's Categories

You can find your item’s category list here. If you can’t access the category values, send the others value in the category_id attribute.
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Generate a preference with information about a product or service and get the URL needed to start the payment flow.


Find all the preferences information generated through specific filters or by a specific date range.

Get Id Preference

View all payment information for a product or service with the desired preference ID.

Create Cancellation

Cancel a purchase for a specific payment.


Create a partial/full refund for a specific payment. If the amount field is filled in, a partial refund will be created, otherwise a full refund will be created.


See all refunds for a specific payment.

Get Specific Refund

Consult specific reimbursement of a certain payment.


Create a payment and add all the information you need. Be sure to add your payment details and customer details.


Pix is an instant electronic payment method offered by the Central Bank of Brazil to individuals and legal entities. It is possible to offer this payment option through QR code or payment code.


create payments via bank slips

Lottery Payment

create lottery payments

Search In Payments

Searches and returns payments made in the last twelve months from the search date.

Get Payment Id

See all information for a payment using the payment ID.

To download the extension or demo aia access this link on github Download

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Any questions I will answer as soon as possible

This is an extension I made to help the community grow it can be used in many types of applications


What a great extension, very valuable for the region, I use the API and the host, now I will try it. Thanks also for making it free and contributing to the community.


Attention, some errors that had in the extension, such as creating payments with broken values, were corrected which error that appears report so that it can be corrected

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thank you for your contribution
please follow the naming conventions

for example: your extension name mercadopago should be MercadoPago (UpperCamelCase) and the socket names should follow the lowerCamelCase notation, for example excludedpaymentmethods should be excludedPaymentMethods or streetname should be streetName, etc. also there is a typo in acessToken (here you followed the lowerCamelCase notation…)… this should be accessToken


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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll fix it this week

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“OBS: When commenting something, do everything in English”

For it, if simple, I didn’t choose open source but I left the free extension so I don’t need to leave open code besides showing where is the link to the documentation of the market api

Fintech i potest creare?