Migrating projects between builders

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to make my project most hybrid as possible so in cases like today when Kodular is facing performance issues I might migrate my project to another builder and keep coding going until the issue is solved.
I’ve tryed to do that and I’m facing many problems, too many compatibillity issues.
For example, many components that are native at Kodular are incompatible to other builders like ImageTools for example or ImageUtilities, etc… Then I have to find the correspondent extension to that component.
Does Kodular provide some kind of repository of the .aix extensions to download?
It would be easier to accomplish that task that way.

Edit: I know we have these two extension lists Index of Available Extensions and App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps but I’m looking for something ‘oficial’ from Kodular.
The reason is because the Notifier component for example that has many more functions like working with ID and images are not available in those lists and I couldn’t find no matter how much I searched at internet.

We do not provide extension variants of our native components as Kodular’s sources are vastly different from those of MIT-AI or other builders, meaning our components are very unlikely to work on other platforms.

For instance, none of our dynamic components would work as extensions because we have a separate background framework that binds all dynamic components, and this framework is absent in the source of other builders.

I hope this clears your doubts regarding the same.


Sad to know that, so once we build a project at Kodular I cannot export it to any other platform…

You can…but only if you use common/available components.
But we all know Kodular has a lot of components which are not available in other builders.

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And that’s one of the reasons I loved AppyBuilder, because we had the platform to download it and run it in our own computer in case something happened to the server. But with this platform, sorry to say it this way and I hope no one gets offended, but you are at their mercy. If they decide to close it one day, I have no idea what will people do with their Kodular native projects. So from now on, if I ever do a big project which I intend to publish and keep updated, I’m sorry but I will have to use MIT App Inventor even though there’s a lot less components.

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You got me worried now because I’m coding a big project right now at Kodular.
I don’t doubt at Kodular staff intentions, I know they are the best, but the fact that if some day they shut down the project all my work would be lost without the possibility to migrate to another builder is something to think about.

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I hope that will not happen !

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Me too, but imagine that you have build a very successful app and grow a business on the top of it, are you ready to take this risk?

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The optimal path would be to make your app as a prototype in Kodular or any blocks builder, test the market and if it’s a real money maker app, then go ahead and develop it professionally, in Android Studio or similar platforms. Even if Kodular stays forever, chances are that at some point you will need to upgrade your app with some feature Kodular can’t offer, for example background tasks, faster graphics, etc.

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In my view you are always at “the mercy” of any builder. If App Inventor isn’t funded anymore you will also loose it’s development. And yes AI is open source so someone could pick it up but you would also be at “the mercy” of that developer that picks it up.

That is the risk you always take when choosing a certain product.


I understand and agree, but it’s a little less likely to happen because it doesn’t depend on the money they make with the platform, and also the fact that it’s open source helps “keep the calm” :smile:.
In any way, what I wrote here, I think is the best way to go if you are serious about developing apps for profit or not but you still want to make sure you can keep it updated indefinitely.

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