Migrating to android studio: help with keystore ( for update )

Context : this is the first time I’m creating a release version, so I’m curious if the old keystore password ( generated by Kodular ) is required ( I exported the keystore from Kodular ) as all the updates should use the same keystore as the initial release.

tl;dr : In need of keystore password as I’m creating an update release with android studio

I've developed an app in Kodular which has a decent amount of active users, I've pushed several updates before. I re-wrote the entire application from scratch in Java ( Android Studio ) as I wanted to keep it simple and clean ( have more control ).

I exported the key and now I’m trying to use it via the “select existing” option, the thing is, I’m wondering if I could get my hands on the generated private key ( if it’s not optional or if there’s any other way around ).

Apologize in advance, but I hope I get a serious response.

Build apk with default keystore and sign apk again using Apk Tool.

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I appreciate your reply, I’ll have that in mind ( as a fallback ).

After going through some posts, I’ve found what I was looking for. I apologize if this is considered as a duplicate post ( this will be closed ).

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