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Extension Name: POS Extension

:earth_asia: Released on: 2024-06-09T07:59:00Z
:earth_asia: Last Updated on: 2024-06-12T11:05:00Z

:gear: Latest Version: 2.0


POS Extension is an advanced extension for managing a Point of Sale (POS) system within your Kodular applications. It is designed to handle inventory management, sales processing, and reporting seamlessly, providing a complete solution for your retail or service-based application needs.


POS Extension includes various events to notify your application when specific actions occur:

  • InsufficientStock: Triggered when there is not enough stock for a requested product.
  • InventoryCleared: Triggered when the inventory is successfully cleared.
  • ProductDeleted: Triggered when a product is deleted from the inventory.
  • ProductNotFound: Triggered when a specified product is not found in the inventory.
  • ProductUpdated: Triggered when a product is updated.
  • SaleProcessed: Triggered when a sale is successfully processed.
  • SalesDataCleared: Triggered when the sales data is successfully cleared.


POS Extension provides a comprehensive set of blocks to manage your POS system effectively:

  • AddProduct: Adds a new product to the inventory with specified name, price, and quantity.
  • ClearInventory: Clears all products from the inventory.
  • ClearSalesData: Clears all sales data.
  • DeleteProduct: Deletes a specified product from the inventory.
  • GenerateReceipt: Generates a receipt for a product based on name and quantity.
  • GenerateSalesReport: Generates a sales report.
  • GetAllProducts: Retrieves all products in the inventory.
  • GetAllSales: Retrieves all sales data.
  • GetProductDetails: Retrieves details of a specified product.
  • ProcessOrder: Processes an order based on the provided order details.
  • SearchProductsByPriceRange: Searches for products within a specified price range.
  • UpdateProduct: Updates the details of an existing product.


  • Complete Inventory Management: Add, update, delete, and clear products with ease.
  • Sales Processing: Generate receipts and process orders seamlessly.
  • Reporting: Generate detailed sales reports.
  • Event Handling: Handle various events to keep your application responsive and user-friendly.
  • Search Functionality: Search products by price range to find what you need quickly.
  • Data Management: Clear inventory and sales data when necessary.

Block Usage

Example 1: Adding a Product

  1. AddProduct Block: Use the “AddProduct” block to add a new product by specifying the name, price, and quantity.

blocks (2)

  1. Update Product

  1. Example Basic Usage

Changelog V2:

Blocks Updated:

Untitled design

Untitled design (1)

Blocks Usage:

component_method (1)

productName String The name of the product for which to generate a receipt.
quantity int The quantity of the product sold.
format String The format of the receipt (e.g., csv, excel).
filePath String The directory path where the receipt file will be saved.



Maven Repository: org.apache.poi » poi » 5.2.5 (mvnrepository.com)

Maven Repository: org.apache.poi » poi-ooxml » 5.2.5 (mvnrepository.com)


Download POS Extension today and transform your Kodular application into a fully functional POS system.


POSExtension.aix (11.4 KB)


POSExtension V2.aix (14.7 KB)


POS.aia (127.3 KB)


a large and probably interesting extension. It is clear that a lot of work has been done. however, the task is very specific. a ready-made application came out faster than just an extension :slight_smile:

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Hey @11119 Thanks for your feedback.
I am working on it, and it will here soon.

Aia is now Available this is a simple look and basic structure.