Missing Google Spreadsheet

I expected it in this new relaunch of Makeroid, but I’m very sad :disappointed_relieved: I didn’t found it in side drawer.
I wished to create a dynamic app which needed Google Spreadheet. I was waiting for the day 22nd of June 10 AM. I expected it this release, as all other App Inventors like thunkable, appybuilder, etc, have target API level just 22, which is not Google Play Store compliant (it demands target API 26) .
The paid extension is available for Google Spreadheet, but I neither have enough bucks nor the paypal supported payment debit or credit card. Please makeroid, if possible add it to Makeroid.

Target api: All of our Apps use target 27

Ya… You told in my last post too. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: But what about my question? I wished :google: Spreadsheet in re-launch

U can use this extension

Implementing an extension natively that just about no one would use, just because you do not want to support the developer, is not OK.

I think you can use spreadsheet without extension with help of Web component.

How though?


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& Also tried by replacing values by Label.Text

i also tried this by this tutorial - App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Google Spreadsheet Database | Pura Vida Apps

Showing - ( Error 1109: The Specified URL is not valid: POST )

can anyone tell me whats wrong in this blocks

Can anyone please help me to send data entry in spreadsheet.

What is the problem with just being patient? Users who help do this in their free time.

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