MIT App Inventor Summit

It’s top secret.
Only ProKoders and Kodular Staff can know what it is.
But as Diego has already said it is the most requested feature of all time, on any AI distribution.


…of all time, on any App Inventor distribution.


You all know what it is?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat_smile:

All prokoders… yes!


it’s delicious:yum: and its not alone in plate but topped with crispy spices

Background service​:heart_eyes:

We have to wait for next sneak peek.

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Already on August 15, what time will the system be launched? And I already have a Apple Developer account but I didn’t understand why I need 100 iPhones and 100 iPods?

As far as i know it is not launched. But you have to apply to be a betatester. The new system is meant for schools. You can not produce/build ios apps only run them in the companion. Did you really got a apple developer account for that?


I developed some application in thunkable x so I also opened apple developer account. But I didn’t realize that, could we sometime create apps for IOS with an app inventor?

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I am currently waiting on university decisions, yet somehow I am more interested in this new feature. The way it is being described, you guys would make fantastic salesmen :joy:


App Inventor is working on it, but it is a lengthy process.

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So when can everyone use it?:thinking:
Sorry I ask so many questions​:sweat_smile:

No one knows.

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I managed to get into Alexa builder:smile:

The URL was not super secret though :joy:

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Yet here’s another glimpse: Untitled Project.mp4 (4 .5 מ״ב)

Video not supported…

play smooth for me