Mixtern firebase extension help needed

i am using mixtern firebase auth extension because in kodilar’s default firebase auth extension there is not id token option. but sign in with google is very easy default extension but in mixtern extension we need googleidtoken.
i dont’t know how to get googletokenid so please help me regarding this problem.

Just search on google ’ google token id ’ and you will find your answer.
Also there are lots of tutorials available on youtube.

What a Great idea ! right ?

for you information i already searched on google. and it require some custom code to be placed in app. si that’s why i searched on community. and yes there is no video in terms of kodular or appinventor to get googletokenid.

Are you sure?
If yes then what is this?
1.Google result
2.Youtube result

bro that’s for google adwords.

all the video includes custom coding through android studio. which is not possible in kodular.

I am wondering what do you want.
Just follow steps to get google id token.If you get that then close the video or tutorial.
I have used google id token so many times just by following google developers website tutorials.

untill a user get signup with firebase he will not get google id token

I worked for around one day and realized that websites and apps are so far different.
I get id token and it worked but with some bugs which are
1.Google login works but can not get e-mail ( You can understand that it is not showing pop up to select screen but on database it creates a new user without e-mail ).
2.It is not getting user info.
I think there is a bug with this extension.
Do you?