Monetisation of another project

Respected Gentlemen,
I prepared a project in Kodular and requested it for monetisation, but after monetisation approval, it failed to export and also didn’t show ads in companion mode. So, I decided to make another project identical to the last one and did it. Now it’s exporting but the problem is that I have already waited 4 days to get the monetisation approval for the first app, and I have to now wait 3 more days to request for monetisation for the second one. Do you have a solution that can help me to make my app approved for monetisation now?

No. You will have to wait for it upto 7 days.
Ads will be shown if your app have enough content.

Are the Gentlewomen on the community not allowed to help you?


Yeah! For sure. Sorry that I missed the word ‘Gentlewomen’. Point noted. Thank you Peter.

well i think only one gentle lady is here now, @bodymindpower i havent seen any else in community. :laughing:

I don’t want to assume any gender but I think @dora_paz and @Lily are ladies too.
I’m sure there’s more.


@indianreview10 also available in our community :joy::joy::joy:

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It’s - also available on our community. :joy::joy::joy: