Monetization Approval Query

Do I need any approval if there is no admob Component in my app.
Actually approval need more time to approve.

My plan is that currently I will provide my app to all users without admob (app will be installed by apk file not by google play store) then I add admob components to project and send for approval. Then I will update the previous app with new update of ads.
Note: Both app will be installed by apk file only.

Can I do this Trick, please clear my confusion.

You don’t need approval if you don’t use any ads, but as soon as you add ads into your app, you need approval otherwise the ads won’t show.

Ok but please clear the confusion of my trick that I mention above. Can I do that?

It’s on you. Go ahead.

It’s not a trick as such. You absolutely can do that but it may be best to wait until you have a large base of daily users. This way Admob will be more likely to show ads, and even if you lose some users you will still be able to earn.

Ok Thank you

i requested for Monetization 1 and half month ago,but still now i am suffering for big trouble