MOP - Mysql freedom is here, injection stop and bind parameter available

Dont stress your self has that query work in your PHPMyAdmin

and you got what you expected

Additionally, when I want to send data, how can I prevent it from enclosing it in parentheses?

I did not understand you …

don’t worry message me privately with your query , i want to see everything. i think the issue is mysql logic.

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Hello, just a dumb question. where I can download the block that you show in this page? I have tried to download from this link ([MOP_Startup_screen.ais (7.0 KB)) but when I imported it on my project there is nothing in the block and the screen.

Hi. Good evening. Is there any restriction to how many fields I can “Insert Into”? I have a code to add 51 different columns into my table in my database. I tried to insert with a a table with 4 or 5 columns it works. But trying to insert into with 51 columns it gives me error 206 - “you may not have the permission to run this query”.

Does anyone know how to use UPDATE in this? Do I NEED to make a procedure to it works?