More Blocks OR more Designer Components

Hello Koders! Let’s say we have 6 components in the designer and we have to make Settings Menu. (5-6 different settings)



What’s the best way to impement this?

  • Duplicate the Components 6 times. (6x6=36 components on the designer)
  • Use Dynamic Components Extension (approx 250-300 blocks)

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So the real question is: 36 components or 250 blocks?

or what’s the cross point that you will use Dynamic Components in the place of normal componenets

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Cool, I liked the poll.
looking forward to seeing the answers

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Dynamic components should be used only when you want to create a fully customised design or layout or list view that will be not possible with existing components or when you want to create a dynamic view for each action.

In your case, your design is fixed (settings) it is not dynamic so you can create it with existing layout components.

This will saves your blocks, time and this method is efficient.


Through Dynamic Extension, you can actually write a schema for that. The number of blocks will reduce to approx. 5 ~ 20