More option for view pager (& tab layout)

These properties could be useful for the title of the view pager and tab layout :

  • Title font size
  • Title font
  • Title font import

It would also be nice to make the tabs take up all the space, like whatsapp for example :

This would break Material Guidelines, and Makeroid follows them if they dont add this.

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Iam not sure if such options exist on the components from android.


Yes, that’s true, but if you use the same font for an entire application, it won’t go well with !

Now that I think about it, it’s true that I’ve never seen any application with a different font or text size on the text tabs

Dont forget, WhatsApp uses the default tab font, not custom :wink:.

Yes, but the tabs are “Filling parent” :slight_smile:

The tabs are very small in the middle of the screen

I’m gonna win the font fight… I have many points.

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Please make the tabs indicator & tabs buttom to fill to parent

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