More than one app ported through Companion to Tablet

I tried to search for this issue but I have not been able to find anything. If something does exist, I apologize, please let me know. I have 2 different apps I am working on to save on my tablet. The first app generates a data text file based on user input. The second app reads the data file to perform other actions and functions. I can’t seem to store both apps on my tablet at the same time. After I download the first app to my tablet (using the Companion software), when the download the second app the first one disappears. I seem to be able to only have one of the apps on my tablet at a time. Is this normal or am I missing doing something? I appreciate any help. Thank you.

in the companion app you can only run one project at a time…
what about building both projects and using the apk file?

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Ok and thank you. I will try that.

I am relatively new at this software so I must be missing something. I have .apk files for both apps on my tablet in the download folder. But when I select each download to install, the second download overwrites the first install. How do I get both apps to install on my tablet?

this sounds like you used the same project name for both projects?
you have to use different project names…


Thank you again. I checked both apps and they both had the same package name. I’m not sure why but I changed them and now both save to my tablet. Yay.

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