MovieNight Extension

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Good appreciating you :heart::+1:

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Can you provide sample screenshot of blocks setup? Or an aia /apk.

Also proper documentation is appreciated.

Congratulations for your work… but you need to share us either by video or blocks or output of this extension interns of image or video

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Thank You @BUNNY_POTLA,@Still-learning & @OfficialDjJohn

MovieNight.aia (7.9 KB)

Thanks for providing video but Whats the purpose of your Extension why people will use them better if you can create an guide for this extension

Hello kid… good work but what is the purpose of this extension? Please narrate in few words… your video shows only few texts which look like some q&a

The Extension gonna show all of them the Trivia and More in Labels

The best picture winner at most recent academy award is what???

This extension neither connects to any API nor does what it’s supposed to do. Blocks always return the constant values, as in your other 3 extensions. If these all just for earning the Extension Developer badge, instead of filling the community with zero-effort non-functional extensions, at least try making an extension that actually does what is supposed to do, even if it is just a math extension.