Mr.Movies App - Make It easy to download your movie

(MR.0928) #1

What is the name of your app?


Describe your app:

Make It easy to download your movie. Get your movie as soon as possible. The app is working fine and smoothly and you will get link of movie even you can share that link.I have tried to make the as easy as possible.

What inside app:
1.Movies are Categorized
2.Search Your Movie with preview
3.Request your movie
4.Report a problem or suggest any feature to be added
5.Report if movie link not working
and many more…


App Store/Download link:

Guys Please review the app and tell how’s that and if you want any tutorial just message me.
and guys right now i don’t have big database so please request your movie.
I’ll provide it asap…

sorry i have removed the link a and screenshot as i do’n’t know anything about copyright.
so sorry to post it and i’ll try not to post such thing again.


(Jatin oberoi) #2

Oh that’s great brother i like your application and its works perfectly … And its an good idea of movies bcz everyone is now making earning app and u think different from others… But… i just wanted to say something i have also devloped this app and also live on playstore recently … and with diferent ui / and category with easily findable movies … so we can contact each other for further talks regarding this idea …and we can tie up also … Btw i. Am not forcing you to do so . But i like if you contact with me and sharee your views thanks my - telegram username =Jatt911

Regards - oberoi services

(Cian) #3

Your app and @terabhai872 may get deleted under DMCA request. be careful, if you have your app deleted for this type of reason it could lead to your development account being deleted.

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(MR.0928) #4

@cian yes bro,
we both have concerned each other and have concluded to make own poster by combining many images.
So we can use it in our app.

(Nikhil27B YT) #5

Ui looks so cool

(Abhijith) #6

It’s Illegall to Share Pirated Movies

unlisted #7

I unlist this. Those movies you show are not yours. Use open source movies as example. Why do users even think this is acceptable? Never heard of copyright i guess.

(Abhijith) #9

You have Marvel Movies Listed in Your App. Just remember if Marvel Finds out, they have enough Resources to Find you and Fine a Huge sum of Money.

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