Multi colored titlebar

How can I make the app titlebar change color from purple color to all colors gradually (withought noticing the change abruptly), and repeat?

Have you tried anything ??

@Still-learning I have tried to use a timer to change the color by index
Number = number +1
If Number=1 - - >change to purple
If Number=2–>change to blue
But this method will need so many IF STATEMENTS that i think its not a good idea after all

Can you show your blocks? Let me suggest you simple, if possible

I hope you can use list method.

First save the colours in a global list

Upon click, you will use counting, depending upon the counting(use it as index value) select the color from the list

If the counting become greater than length of the color list , then set the counting to 1… very simple. No much if blocks will be needed

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