Music Player with left and right stereo balance

Hi to all,

I am new at Makeroid, and I am really impress… I was doing some hybrid apps with Apache Cordova and PhoneGap, but now I am also trying Makeroid, AppLab, AppyBuilder and Thunkable.

I was doing a Music APP for a small company, but they need to be able to “move” the sound/music from the middle to the left speaker, from the middle to right speaker, a complete crossover from left speaker to right speaker… define the percentage o move to left od right speaker… the mainly idea for this company is to play two or more sound/effects/musics… and then move them in stereo from one speaker to the other speaker (left <-> right) or define a exact position… and play all togheter, adds sound/music that comes from left and goes from right… hope you understood me.

My question… do you know if there is an extension able to control the balance for left and right speaker??? Any ideas about how to achieve this???

Thank you so much.

Right now, there is no such extension, but you can open an Feedback [IWant] thread so that people can vote. Or better still, I’ll recategorize this thread.

I will try to add a new block for that.
We can’t change the existing Volume property without breaking all projects.