Muting Audio by Default on Kodular Ads

It’s ok that you place ads in my app. But why are they all non skippable & with audio ?

We dont control them or @Diego?

I can control my ads using admob. And I muted the audio when the app plays (interstitial). The ones you are using are unity ads. They are kind non-skippable and always plays with audio.
Is there anyway you could control this ?
I dont want it to play with audio. Thts why I myself disabled the audio. Now I just uploaded the apk as beta, so that I can check it myself.

Our ads are skippable after 4 seconds and sound depends on phone settings

Why dont you just mute it by default ? and let the user choose if they want audio or not ?

Changed :+1:


Thank you… now im gonna move my app to production.

@Diego when the ads of Kodular in Unity are shown there is no way to control the events, for example the closing event of the Ad, in my app for example I use this event to perform an action when closing an ad, it works perfect when is an Admob Ad, but by showing one of Kodular that control of the event is lost, the same happens for any event.

It would be nice if these ads can be connected to the events of their parents in order to have control over the flow of the app.

It’s supposed that they work actually
We implemented in a way that they trigger the respective events of the parent component
And when I tested them events were being raised

@Mika may you follow with this?


So, it’s something to check, I just did a test and it’s not working right now

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I dont think they are skippable. They are being played for the entire 15 seconds.
Only then will a close button appear. It is like forcing the user to click on the ad.

Not really.

It is not forcing they do that to show what the ad is about.

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Yes it is… suppose you are a normal user & you have no idea how an ad works… when an ad shows up keeps playing for seconds (15 seconds ad is nonskippable for sure) you will keep looking for a close button & when you cant see any you will desperately click on it. But this is not how an admob interstitial work…

YouTube ads working like that too

You can use your device’s back button to exit from ad. I’m doing that for every app which contains ads.


You don’t get my point…

We got your point. now a days many people have some idea about ads i think… you can also choose other ad network which offer skip button too

Lol… that makes it clear that you didn’t get my point. Im not talking about the ads I place, but the ones placed by Kodular :sweat_smile:

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so you mean you don’t like those ads?