My ads to admob dont show


My ads are not showing up, neither Banner, nor the video rewarded.

I researched the forum and google and found several methods but no service, but I will still list some attempts

  • leave the banner out of arragement
  • Arrangement with 20%
  • Initializer screen with banner loaded

I will make the .AIA of my project available for you to test with your Admob ID. So I’ll know if it’s something with the app or Admob.

SliderGame.aia (32.5 KB)

Hi there, it looks like your admob unit hasn’t been activated yet I have read that it could take up to 48 hours to activate.
you could always check the test mode option to find out if the ads are loading

I also tested it with one of my old admob banner unit IDs and it works fine

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Thank you for helping me, but my account is active at 1 month.

That means you have to fill address details in your admob account. So fill it first then your account will fully activate.

How about adding a delay for Load Ad block.


how i do that ? boban

much like i did here


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boban i tried delay the same thing, dont show

Unfortunately I do not know.

Btw, did you check your ad account console etc.


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Thanks to everyone who gave me several tips, was the arrangement was in 80 I put in 75 and showed the banner

But the problem remains in the rewarded video. It’s not working.