My app Ads are not displaying

Hello friends recently i hv created app and kodular team enables ads to my app, and ads are displaying correctly. last week i uploaded app to play store, one day ads are displaying. after that ads are not displaying. i sent a mail to adsense team but no reply to my mails. pls help guys…

Use “When admob fail to load” block and get the error, to set up, search community

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Thanks for d reply.

i hv tested when admob fail to load but no use. still ads are not displaying.

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Admob fail is to check the error… Please use admob fail block & notifier to check the error message .

sir see my blocks and error message. pls give suggestion

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The error message is self explainable


Google it but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory


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read the message carefully
App request ads successfully but there is no ads in admob .

changed admob unit but same error

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You are misunderstanding. The message by Google says that adUnitID etc are good. But for your app there are no ads because no company is interested to show their ads for your app. I hope I made that clear.


  1. Make app more attractive by design.
  2. Create more useful functions.

Changing Ad Unit Ids will not make it work. Read the error message carefully and follow what @Boban said. And also, what @plantdoc2018 said.


Probably these are the only solution we know till now.

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Try to make app useful for other so that company will provide ads in your app. Give a good content & make it attractive…

Surely admob will provide ads .

Dear Kasguru,

I am check your app ,admob Ad working Fine Kindly recheck from your side.

Screen Shot.

thanks for d reply. ads are display often not daily. only 2-3 minute ads display. after that ads wont display. i mean ads are not displaying continuously.

You have been given your answer multiple times.

Make a better app, that’s more attractive to users. The more instals and daily users who use it more than a few minutes at a time, the more likely you will get more ads displayed.

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I hope you understand what the Lack of Ad Inventory means! Simply it means that, Admob just doesn’t have any ads to display for your app (your country, your type of ads are determinants).

The only solution we know has already been posted by @plantdoc2018