My app crash while opening another screen

My application crash whlie opening another screen.

There is the blocks;
AnaSayfa screens blocks;

Thank you

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First search in community… more than 100+ solved topics is there

nothing helps, pls continue in this topic

yes there is nothing wrong with it

Are you sure ?
No fields are empty, Cross check About Screen Title field & other fields of that screen which is crashing.

Also see if any field of extension is empty.

Else if no field is empty post the logcat to know the reason for crash!!

check you logic, when the screen open, i hope you are calling multiple column one by one… But the fact is, there is no continuity or connection with work flow in this block, i feel so… so before getting values from this col, app may executes and you had an error… so pls check your logics of all block one by one

this is my device logs

when i disable this block the app still crashes

This is projects aia file.
YAG_Store.aia (430.7 KB)


fill it and try

its still crashing

May be due to this, and sorry you wont get help since you are using Deep Host extension which is not advisable in community


I tried removing that extension. Yes it crashes because of that extension. I will make the application using another list extension.
Thanks to everyone who helped.

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