My App crashes and slow

May app work too slow and is crashing too much due to which my app downloads but 90% is uninstalled.

Please solve my problem…


This link is only accessible by you, if you want someone to take a look at your project then post an aia of it


I feel scared, giving the aia file can duplicate my application…

No info no help

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So what do you want to say?
Do not talk about the bug in your kodular

If you want help, you have to follow the right steps.

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What is the right step.

In order to help you, you have to provide information of what you are asking for help, such as screenshots of procedures, log files, AIA, and so on.

If you don’t trust developers from this community, how can you be helped?

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First, open new screen and then, close the current screen.


I removed your link. This is one of those earning apps, reward apps. To keep this aia from spreading i removed the link. If you want some help ask one of the ProKoders for help and send him the aia file in a pm. Earning apps are forbidden by Kodular and Google. So don’t expect much help.

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Don’t post the aia file again. We have enough bad apps in the world.

how to solve my problem

I don’t think you made that app yourself. In Google play you have a screen that says.


So go to the one you got it from and ask for help there.

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