My app crashes on google play because of adMob

I have a problem with kodular and I have tired to find solution through internet but I couldn’t find.

I created app and I added admob ads unites and I uploaded it on google play. The issue is whenever anyone tried to download it then try to open it, it opens and show only the splash screen then it closes before it goes to the second screen. When I removed admob ads from the app it worked well.
my app is approved by AdMob but the app-ads.txt is not showing on the status, could this be the problem? I have created app-ads.txt file using third party website ( because I don’t have my own website. AdMob says I should see the result after 24 hours on the status bar but I waited for few days and still the status bar is empty.
I have attached picture of it so you can see. I really don’t know what to do, please help.

Check Admob Component’s Consent Message & Consent Title property field whether it is empty or not as keeping those fields empty leads to the crash of the application see if this is the case !!!

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hello Anu
yes consent message - consent title are empty on my app. I really didn’t know what are these for or what to write on them so I left them empty.
please tell me what should I write there.
waiting for your urgent reply.
thank you in advance

Example consent message

Can we continue to use your data to tailor ads for you?

Consent Title

Data Protection
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thank you so much for your help I will do that but how will I update my app on google play after I write add the Consent massage and title? is there any way to do that using kodular? or should I unpublish my app and create new one with the update? again I thank you for your help.

hello, I’m still waiting for your reply :slight_smile: how can I update my app in kodular after I added the (Consent message and title)
also I would like to embed this pic of my app status in AdMob. it says my app is ready but still no show of the file

after you change it, upload your file from realease menu in your app menu

You have to upload the file on your website with the admob add id.

If you are using free extension then we will not be able to help you in this.