My App Directly Opened Without Sign Up Fix Plz😭

In SomeMoblie It Works But In Some Moblies It’s Does Not Ask To Sign Up …It Directly Open Home Screen. Plz Check My Block And Help Mee Friends


let me know . You are using device tools in your app ? am i right @Mr.Arshad.In

Yes Friend

Plz Help Me Bro :sob:
I Need To Submit In My College

Signing In using device tool is crashing (not working) for an unknown reason! We (@BetaKoders) will raise a ticket if found it a bug.

are you using device id component in your app to check . then let mme clear you that android id of some android mobiles are same . so better you use any other id to check the signup & sigin user

no asim no need . its not a crash

It’s not working…
NOTE: Working on some devices (android 8.0+)


na actually the problm is that the id tracked by the component is almost same in most devices

Ok Bro :+1: How To Create A Logout Bottom In Side Bar With Airtable

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What Can I Do Now Bro

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asim will help you in this.


just do one thing . use taifun tm extension to check unique device id & warning . You need to ask for permission in app. Read_Phone_State

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Ok Then Extension

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When first time User register on your app, store Any value to TinyDB. And, from 2nd time user enters in app, check that value from TinyDB (on screen1) and directly send them to Home Screen (In short, Bypass Sign up and/or Login screen from 2nd time for already registered users)

and, when user Click on Logout, clear that Value from TinyDB and set block (On Screen1) **If TinyDB Value is blank… Send your to Login/ sign up screen)

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How To Remove User Data From Airtable Spreadsheet When Click On LogOut Button

Why you need to clear data from Airtable? It will lead users to Sign up again and again.

I Created One Time Login App So When User Login The Data Will Be Store In Airtable When User LogOut It Need To Remove Data For AirT

If you want to add Logout feature on your app, remember not to delete any user credential from your Primary Database (In your case, it’s Airtable).

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