My app getting closed when open another screen

I have been constantly waiting on screen 1 for about 5 minutes no action is performing nor opening any other screen.

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Sorry, click on image for opening another screen.
I tested different ways for opening screen that is why at last i do this

Can you share your blocks?

Dear blocks is too many or I checked there was no error in blocks

follow the general recommendations


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Yes, I checked everything but not found solution :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

Do you use a webviewer to load html maybe ?

No, I don’t use webviewer

I wonder who the first person to correctly guess the problem will be. The topic creator has certainly posed a puzzler by giving very few details and refusing to share an aia or post screenshots of the relevant blocks.


What details do you want or which relevant blocks image do you need ???

Here is screen initialisation block image

I think no one know solution of my problem :pleading_face::pleading_face:

If you wish post here or pm me your aia to give it a look

I am sending you my project privately

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I sent you my project :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Show the blocks where you open another screen

Dear, I tried all methods but not work. I also tried this

Can anyone suggest me another way for solving problems?

Solution is provided via pm

He was using old version of BottomMenuZ extension which was leading to the crash just upgrading it to latest version solved the problem


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