My app is automatically closing and crashing - aia attached any one please help

SAFARINEW.aia (7.2 MB)

Please help me to solve the issue - automatically closing / crashing while opening app

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Problem is caused by empty materiar icon name in s1 screen - Floating Action Button. Fill in the name for example whatsapp, compile and problem is solved

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Thank you very much it worked can you please help me in another project too

aia attached

EduApps.aia (323.3 KB)



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Fill in About Screen Title In Screen1 and see if it works

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Sorry for the mistake i will never repeat this again

This app also keep crashing. any one please find the problem
i tried all methods
aia attached

EduApps.aia (323.3 KB)

Hope anyone help me


Have you filled about Screen Title ? Just fill in About Screen Title In Screen1. For me it compiles and open with no problem once filled

Thanks you are really great and i cant express my happy feelings thank you very much @dora_paz


Hello can you please help me to find what is the compiling error

apk compile - successful but abb file not generating showing error
aia attached

please help
EduApp.aia (632.8 KB)

May be :point_down:

Thanks i will check

Working just fine at my end


Thanks for your valuable reply

Why to me still not

Please provide your aia and kodular team will help you