My app is crashes again & again

Post your blocks. You can post aia (only if you don’t have problem sharing it) for better help.

I think there is too much of background process in your app. If not please post your block image.

After spinning progress over, there is a problem with your blocks. Post your block after spinning progress over

My issue is solved


Its good that you solved the your query on your own, but you may share the solution, so that other members having similar issue can get help.

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I set API is 23 so my app start crasing in my phone (Android version 10) now I set API 19 so my app is working fine

This doesn’t make any sense at all.
How could this be a solution?

This…makes no sense.
If you were talking about changing target sdk then it could have be acceptable.

To what extent should lowering the minSdkVersion from 23 to 19 be a solution?
And for what?

I mean changing target sdk from 28 to 29 would surely had worked.

@Sweety_Ray talks about lowering the minSdkVersion from 23 to 19.

But even raising the minSdkVersion from 28 to 29 would make no sense in terms of avoiding a crash. If you disagree, tell me what kind of crash it could prevent? :man_shrugging:

Probably he is talking about changing min SDK.

I agree with you.
But increasing target SDK does make sense unlike lowering min SDK.

Sorry, that was my fault / carelessness. Of course I meant minSdkVersion. I will change this in my posts.

Lowering the targetSdkVersion makes even less sense, especially since the app would then no longer be accepted in the Play Store.

Use less size images

They already found their “solution.” Changing your minimum SDK or even the target SDK wouldn’t cause a crash, however, changing your minimum SDK to something higher than your current OS version would render it as unable to be installed. Therefore, even if the minimum SDK “was” the issue, the application wouldn’t have installed in the first place.