My app is lot of crash

i used the web component for spreadsheet. when my app start its error to display data. sometimes say wait or restart app.

please help me


Maybe you should read this and then try again asking your question.

please send me similar question

No you should provide enough information that other users can help you.


To help us more understand, provide blocks to see what might be causing it. Misconfiguration on the Makeroid Platform and any other can cause this issue as well. If you look at the bottom left corner on the blocks section where you have the Web Component see if there are any Warnings or Errors. This will help you most likely fix the issue if you’re not new to Makeroid and know what the error means.

It’s only error when app start.every time.

After once get result . Working very well

You’re probably doing too many calculations at once, on startup. That’s the most likely cause of the ANR.


Screen 1 I have nothing more calculation

See screenshot

Block part

Screen Details