My App is not closing (Solved)

My App has 10 Screens and has more than 700+ Blocks…And I know how many components it has approx.300~500 components…When the users back press. It will show a pop to exit or not. When I click yes. It doesn’t close. But, it opens the previous screen that I opened before Exiting. e.g When I open the app and go to “Key” changing Screen and go to the Main home screen and try to close the app. Now, It opens “Key” screen again if I close the application. I don’t understand why this error occurs. I have Open Screen with start value on all the screens except the Main Screen. Is this block causing problem…

Note : I have a 2000ms clock component. When the Exit Screen Initializing, It will trigger the clock. When Clock Timer do. It will close the application

Please Help me to get out of this issue. I cannot give the apk because I did not finish the work and also I didn’t upload it to Play Store.

Screenshot 2020-05-10 14:12:17

The Open Screen is a procedure and the Exit App is an Button
Open every screen by this method and the problem will not occur anymore.

Maybe you have been switching screens incorrectly.

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I am switching correctly.

You mean like this:


My app has a “PIN lock” option. When the Main Screen Initialize. It will open up the PIN box. If they enter the correct pin. All the components will be set to visible. If I switch from Screen to Screen. The Main screen will initialize also. So, The pin box will show if the user is switching the app screens ( settings to main, main to about). The PIN box should show only on the app first starts. So I used Start Value. If the Users press back on other Screens. It will open the Main Screen with a value called “Setting”. If the value is “Setting”. The PIN box will not show. By this, they will not see the PIN box if the were changing screens in the app. It will only show when closing and opening.

If you don’t understand. I will show you the blocks privately.

Because app can be closed only if all screens are closed.

I am following Taifun’s Tribble Hunter method.

wait. I will tell you the result.

@vknow360 It Worked! Thanks

Sounds good.
Wouldn’t you like to share solution with us?

Do you want the Block that I’ve used.

I mean you should show what worked for you so that others can learn from that.

Screenshot 2020-05-10 14:12:17

The Open Screen is a procedure and the Exit App is a Button

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