My App is not showing anything after exporting

My app is working fine in Kodular Live Test i was making a dynamic app and it is linked to Airtable but when i export the app nothing is showing in the app…

need help

Show some screenshots of your blocks…

but if there was any problem related to blocks then in live test the data wasn’t display over there

Yes you are right…
Then how could we help you :thinking:
Probably share an .aia file then

might be an exporting defect can u tell me the procedure of exporting bdw i know it
click on export then save apk to my computer there is any another method too ???

There’s no other exporting method.

  • Have you been working with two screens leaving Screen.1 blank and creating the whole content on Screen.2?

If you need further help, please provide us something we can at least analyze.

Yes i m doing the same… now tell me bro what i do

Two ways:

  • Rebuild the whole project in Screen.1;

  • Use Screen.1 as a splash screen and switch it to Screen.2 when app initialize with this method.

bro i am making a male photography poses app in first screen i used the grid view and the second screen is the view screen as the image clicks that image opens into view and after i can download share the image now tell me what i do

Show us what is happening in Screen1 (blocks) so that we can help you more.

App is connected to the airtable and cloudinary

these are the blocks of screen 1