My app is not starting after installing it. Continously crashing (No extention used)

Hey, helpers, I made an app it runs fine on the companion test mode but when I imported an app to run it in android.
It got crashed and did not start after installation.

Kindly help me relate to this topic…

Welcome to community. Have you read Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components ?

Otherwise use logcat to find what causes the crash

The app is so simple there are a few screens that are using the web view component and I have another app with one screen with the same component and it didn’t crashed but the newer app crash or don’t start although that app is working fine in the test mode and showing me ads…

If you wish post or pm me your aia to check it

sure mate please help me…

Here is that aia file of my small app which is not working.
NethaxStark.aia (956.0 KB)

You haven’t read above post. Fill in About Screen Title in Screen1 with About this application. Compile again, install and it will run

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But I have done experiments as I installed it 7 to 8 times with different sittings or options enabled. Let me check this time also… Thanks, BTW

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Thanks bub… This time it worked!

I told you so … :slight_smile: If problem solved please mark solution :white_check_mark: in order to help others with the same problem

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