My app is not working after kodular fenix update?

Anyone can tell me, Is colintree listview support kodolar fenix ? Please help me.

Yes. No problem

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When I opened my app after install app show black screen or could not give any response and didn’t show any type of errors.This problem is after kodular fenix update

share your app and aia

This is my app link app and this is screenshot

but i cannot send you aia

Seems there 1 error in the blocks.

Click on show warning.

Try to rectify it.

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I didn’t find any error in my project

But it shows 1 error count in the image.

See carefully.

See in minimized blocks or could be behind the blocks.


I see carefully but i didn’t find any error. This issue occured after fenix update.

near the red block, there is an error count is there…

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Yes i know there is 1 error. But i checked all block carefully and found no error. I don’t know why he show 1 error

Can you share ais of that screen where it is showing error ?


I send you ais privately

Well I found that error block but it is not due to that block even that block is disabled !!

It may be other mistake in the blocks hence the data is not loading !!

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Check up his screen initi blocks, Clock composer block…

@Sg00 Is this data loaded correctly as per your database ?

Is there another error in ais

There was mistake in your blocks

You were loading data in playlist and again making it empty :sweat_smile:

blocks (3)

Just remove this from your Screen Initialize Blocks :point_down:


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Also remove previous error of Any cardview clicked !!!

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Thanks,Unknown Friends for helping me.
Again thanks to @Anu or Anu_Rockstar​:guitar: :rofl: :rofl:

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