My App is Over Lagging How to Solve the problem

Hi Coders,
I making tournament App …
No extension file use
I have only 4 screen
Home Screen Have 771 Blocks…
I using Firebase…
App Size Is 10.9MB
Why my App is Over lagging And Very slow…?
How to Solve It?

This is My Home Page Blocks

:grimacing: You are calling 25+ database get value once in a row and operate the onGotValue also .

It’s a wrong way to get values from firebase. You have to call one get value than when you got value than call another value and vice versa…

Optimised your blocks it obvious to lag the app with unoptimized blocks

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What you mean? Post example block…i don’t understand it

Post Some Example Block Image Please…

Why not calling only: /Match1/

You will getting JSON Data or you can split the Text on the right Strings like: split at 3Rank“:“

how to call only:/match1/ plz explain ? thank you for your replay…