My app Not Exporting

I have imported screen to my project but an internal error occured in kodular YouTube component at that screen so what do i do i can’t delete that screen i can’t export my app.My app is also got monetized. How to solve this issue

If you are trying to export on phone or tablet you can’t do that. Only on PC

I don’t think that’s true.
I heard that there are some exporting problems when imporring screens.

But i can export other projects

are you using any extensions or that aia was made by others, which you downloaded??

This may be because you have wrongly used your blocks.

Its mine i have created this app

This issue was started after imported screen

yes, copy screen, delete the old screen, then rename the screen name with the copied one in your blocks, then try again

Then This error may be because you have exported screen from other project and import to your new project but you have use one or more extensions which are not available on your new project.
Please import extensions which are used in exported screen.

Capture 2020-03-20 21.37.33

Getting this error

Remove option is disabled at that screen

Are you using any other platform like thunkable and import thunkable project screen to Kodular project.

Show blocks

Your project is corrupted and the only way to make it work is to export the aia and remove the screen, see below

Well, you would have to reapply for Monetization after importing your aia to Kodular

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Thank You i will try it

Not Possible when i click blocks it is showing a message an internal error has occured. Report a bug? But not only blocks if i click on any components like button,checkbox or any it is showing same issue

As you can see from the image, the component Youtube has also been renamed and there by creator can’t proceed as the new renamed component doesn’t exist Kodular…


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