My App Reject Plaese Help Me to Understand the Mail Sent by Google

Hello Kodular,
Today I launch a new app name Age Calculator. But it Rejected by google please help me to understand the mail with coming today for app rejection please help me to understand. The screenshot is below.

Help me

Show us your short description & full description.

ok wait
short des- Age Calculator | Birthday Calculator | Chronological Age Calculator | Day in age
Long Des- Age Calculator app is very fast and easy to use. To calculate your age this app needs only to things one is the current date and your dob. It shows you day in age month and year. You can call this app age checker or date calculator age.
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So now, at last, I want to tell you that the CEO & Founder of this application is Ritik Kumar Verma of VermaJi App Developer. The icon is made from

You could have wrote the description in a better way. This one looks like keyword stuffing.


ok is there any problem with app title

where’s ur app name ?
I can only see a lot of keywords.

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Title is fine. But the rest doesn’t look good.

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Means App title is good but short and long descriptions is not good.

The app’s title includes other apps or brands: < INSERT EXAMPLE >

The Google bot forgot to fill the template.


This is a clear violation of the metadatapolicies.

⑤ Repetitive, excessive, or irrelevant keywords

What you say must make sense. It is not a punchlist for SEO. it has to make clear and meaningful sense.

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This is mistake

age calculator
birthday calculator
Age Checker

This is the mistake in short description and Full Also.