My app removed from play store after update

Okay …Can anybody here have made such store that list products and can people can purchase from
Is so I am willing to pay for aia…

You see, you only have to search the community to find an answer.

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Does this mean I can’t monetize the app that contains YouTube component? or I just can’t put ads inside the same screen that contains a youtube component? what if the ad is shown before opening the screen that contains a Youtube component. I want to understand that to avoid violation of YouTube Policy and choose the suitable places for ads.

If you are using only YouTube component and don’t have any other functionality in your app then you are not allowed to use monetization on the app. And yes you can’t use ads were you have the youtube component.

If I made an app that contains youtube component but it has many other functionalities in the same screen that contains YouTube component, can I put ads inside this screen or before opening this screen? and is there a difference if I was the owner of this YouTube channel or not?

What do you mean by many functionality? And no there’s no difference if you were the owner of the channel. And one more thing why not use facebook for such matters. Google will only allow apps witch has some sense on such functionality.

I think you assume something that is not real. The main purpose of the app is not just showing videos. Also you said even if I am the creator of the video in YouTube, it is not allowed to share it in my app. But this is not logical. If someone has a correct knowledge about this topic, please reply.

The policy says that you can run ads when YouTube videos are playing. That basically bans you from putting ads and YouTube component together. Or if they must be together, when one is visible the other must be hidden.

You can monetize the app as long as you observe the policy and terms of use.