My app suddenly not responding upon export

Hi Fellas, need help. This project was totally working before. I just don’t know what happen, just recently tried to export, apps now is not responding when going to Main Screen. I have already configured the blocks and will lead directly to Main Screen.

Action/s Taken to evaluate the issue.

  • Remove all blocks on the Main Screen - Same Problem
  • Ensure clocks are disabled when switching Screens
  • Performed proper closing of screen before opening new one
  • Changing Minimum SDK Level
  • Tried also to remove all imported extensions - The same problem
  • Tried to clone the screen - Still have the same problem
  • Tried also to create new Screen and copy Designs and blocks - The same issue

Just can’t afford to start all over again. Attached Image and AIA file.

ZEUS_2021.aia (3.1 MB)

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Tested as apk. Had to change Screen1 to redirect to Login instead of Main Screen since you use start value. The problem that I had is that I get a popup for not stable network when this is not the case

Login Screen has no problem. Only on the Main Screen

I’ll check this. Appreciate it

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Tried all of it. Still problem exist.

Empty elements from string in spinners is causing the problem


Try this

ZEUS_2021.apk (8.4 MB)

ZEUS_2021_1.aia (3.1 MB)

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Oooh, i see. I just put a word not a list. my mistake. Thank you so much…


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