My FACEBOOK Ads stopped Please help Me

On 1st November my facebook ad stopped when I see the Quality check option it is showing Failing. I am sharing the screenshots so that you can help me as fast as you can so that my facebook ads can start.

Hi @vermajiappdeveloper , First of all, Facebook clearly stated that If your app receive 70K impressions over any 14 days period, facebook will check your app to ensure your app comply minimal quality.

And, unfortunately your app failed to perform!

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Hello @asimjib93 , I want to tell you that I have 45 days to change the problem and restart the ads but please help me with what changes I have to make in the app to receive the ads again properly.

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I think you should add more content where users engage.

You need to make a good app.

We can’t help farther with this bit of information. Quality Check does not only mean a Good Looking app, but also one that comply Rules. So, this problem could have taken place for several reasons . You can go through the directions given by facebook. I hope that will take you to a better Solution.

What’s Next? Below links are guides about ad placement. You can read to know more…

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