My first application Rocket Browser

Hey, friends i finally completed my first application name is Rocket Browser.

Rocket Browser is a simple and advanced browser which provides you all latest browsing experience but here, it has a special scheme i.e. When you browse anything with this browser it give certain point which are converted into cash which you can withdraw it to your Paytm wallet and Bank accounts instantly within India.

Here, its screen shots​:point_down::point_down::point_down:

Here, the Google Play store link:

Please go download my application and support me​:pray::pray::pray:

Thank you.


Good work but mention that Only Indian Users will get payment, because your Payment methods will work in India Only, Like Paytm,

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Ok. Thank you

Hey, @saurav_shaw612 good work.
Can i know how did you manage news feed. I mean from which api did you get the local and Indian news.

It sounds like an earning app…
How do user earn points?
By viewing ads?
If not how do you manage to give monitory rewards to users?


Here, the website link from i have taken news feeds api :point_down::point_down::point_down:

The api will give news in JSON format you will have decode it and then have to use it.

No users dont get points by viewing ads they get points on Browsing, the points is allotted to users totally based on there consumption and i have also used certain algorithm so points totally allotted randomly.

So, yes the more the users use the application, the more they get points.

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But where does the money come from?
Do you have investors backing your project?


Nice app. Good job bro.

Can we get local indian news here.

No i myself have accumulated some capital and i am using that capital for starting. I have requeste to all of you please support me and share my application thank you.

Thank you bro.

There you have choose a news source. There are lot of sources. Like i have used Google News. Choose a local news website and sign up a api key will be allotted to you use the api to get JSON raw data use it accordingly.

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Thanks for reply @saurav_shaw612

Your welcome

Nice app but fix this bug

Thank you for feedback.

But as far i know when web view load and that why that liner progress bar shows, i have created 10 tabs in browser therefore all the 10 liner progress bar is shown at the starup.

Can you suggest some solution to fix this and yes its not bug i known it that this happens.

Thank you.

try this one…

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No using this method tab reloads and stars with beginning and all the last activity is lost but i want retain the last activity done by the user. So, my method is good and it also retain last activity done by user.

what if a user wants to open more tabs