My First Games Published on Google Play

My game name is: Speedy Tap

Describe your app: Speedy Tap is a simple fun mobile game where you press as many correct circles as possible in a short time and race for time.


App Store/Download link:


Excellent Very Nice Game :clap: :clap: :+1:

I played it lot till Level 31 :sweat_smile:

My High Score


UI Looks great. Btw, set the status bar color to a different since it now differs from the UI. :clap:

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Nice app, what i don’t like is the way ads show is make me loss the game

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Epic work :heart_eyes:

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Good app… @Graphics_and_Video_Editin ,


BTW @Anu, What type fingers you are having!!!

Ouchhhh… i didn’t cross even 3k


Game is good but full screen ads causes lose.

Makes a descent game, but ruins it with poor ad implementation.

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