My New Extension RandomDigit Generator

This Extension Is Made By Me And I Gave 70% Credit Of This Extension To @Abhijith_Dominic Because He Help Me
ScreenShot :-
You Can Use It For Otp Verification App It Generate 6 Random Numbers Below 999999 I Know There Are Component In App Inventor But In That 3 Blocks
Image :-

But In Mine Have Only One Block Which Generates 6 Digit Otp
Link :- GobhiVinesRandomDigit.aix (5.3 KB)

RandomDigit V2
Blocks :
How To Use U Can Enter Any Number And Get Random Numbers Below That Number
ScreenShot :
Download From Here : GobhiVinesRandomDigitV2.aix (5.4 KB)


So you created an extension instead of using 2 more blocks? :joy:


Good extension… I just have a doubt: What if I want to determinate the maximum range, I mean… until 9999… how to do this?

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Uh Why? :face_with_monocle: Did i help you out in some way ?

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they consume many size but my extension not consume size

u can tell me i gave personally to u the extension which udigits u want

Do I need a extension which only generates random numbers without range? Also it is increasing app size without any extra things. So sorry, this extension is useless for me.

Also this extension is not your first extension. So you may think to create different things which is not possible in App Inventor.

You got a help from another people even creating a extension which has one block. Then it is not your extension anymore, right? You only compiled extension.


Although there’s a native option for that, I appreciate your effort to implement the extension.

Carry on this way!


I agree with both @yusufcihan and @Fabio

Compiling an extension is a hard first step. Congrats on that. But you need to try to add some value. You created something, no one will install or use. When you build extensions (we all did this), you build something already there, and once you get those skills down you start with new things.

You are not going to get a badge for that extension. But here is a suggestion that might get a badge, create a random password generator, with letters and numbers, with a range set by the user.

I was going to do it myself today actually, but I will let you try first. This could be handy for people.

So per @yusufcihan add value
Per @Fabio good first step, just a step. A great step at that.


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Do not hijack topics. Create your own issue please.


Your Code is fine use Public as public its lower case

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