My Online shopping app UI. Suggest me to make better UI

Suggest me to make better UI or Is it good.

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Probably good UI, try to use another font like product sans aor other.
And for UI refrences search for e commerce app or online store app on dribble or any similar site.


@themaayur ok thank i will search.

All in all, it’s ok. Suggest you to:

  1. better fonts, like @themaayur said
  2. More intuitive content
  3. Better color combinations
  4. Idk if you already did, but read this:
    [WIKI] Tips to have the best UI in your app (and some UX tips)

Some recommendations from me :grin::

  • Don’t use the same font everywhere, for example, you can use another font for the title, another font for content.
  • You shouldn’t add another card in the existing card. You can remove the shadows for inner cards maybe.

I wanted to say the exact same thing, only if he removes the shadow inside the card, use different colors. Just different gray tones would be sufficent.


@yusufcihan OK I will remove the shadow of the inner card.thanks for your suggestion.


@Yoshi Thank you all for your kind suggestion.

My suggestions:

  1. Use a better looking font (Sans Serif family)
  2. Use Card component less and wisely. Cards which are elevated makes even similar content look distinct.
  3. Make full use of screen estate. Careful adjustments to spacing can make your app shine.
  4. Be consistent with the color scheme of your app. Don’t use too bright colours.

@pavi2410 ok, I will keep remembering all your suggestions.

Also change the color of the status bar or if it isn’t necessary then hide the status bar

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